Munich Marathon 2018 review

Munich Marathon 2018 review

For the third consecutive year I run the Munich Marathon in the city, in which I grew up most of my life. And of course I planned a lot compared to previous years. Finally, were my first two marathon events, the same time the Munich Marathon events were, shaped not just by the best possible performance. After the 42km races in Paris and Berlin This year was the Munich Marathon 2018 as one of my personal highlights on the to-do list. As I have beaten me, I felt myself and what I have learned for the future, learn it here.

Preparation for Munich Marathon

If you look at the preparation time times, I've since November 2017 really started, prepare for the marathon events. Finally, a marathon was in April and September, respectively, and in between I pushed several more half-marathon and 10km races in between. The long runs over 30km I can now no longer count! But the 4000 km I'm alone 2018 run and the times improved with every kilometer run more and more. If I keep the intensity beibehalte, my 12-week marathon preparation times more likely to be the conclusion of a continuous training of each Marathon.

At Munich Marathon I had seen a three-week preparation time after the run in Berlin in mid-September. But I was in a continuous flow of movement and needed only 3 day regeneration, take off completely again until I could. I also owe my fitness through many workouts, Gym workouts and Freeletics. In the three weeks I have applied the same principle as training in the weeks before the Berlin race. Intervalltrainingseinheiten, Sprint runs, long runs and at no time I felt fatigue. I have only been two years active in competitions there and my realistic target time is first to 3:50 -3:40 for the marathon. Next year you can see, if I can still forking out a shovel.

The race day - it's about

picked up starting number the day before, the perfect outfit merged, the matching gel and board means also packed in the bag - then kanns finally start. I approach the matter with a certain looseness. Personally, I think, that a long route as the marathon route with increasing training sometime painless. In one of the preparatory courses I could the first 15 into lightly kilometers and was 4:xx min / km pace on the road and could choose between kilometers 15 and 25 turn up with the pace of one step and then shift down a gear. What's next, is also a little on the daily form depends.

Loose 15km when running

And so a strategy I laid me cope and have the drive to persuade me, that the marathon until km 25 started really. The first half I went frequently forward to competitions and in training! And with the launch also began warming up of the first 15 Kilometer, which I clearly was easier than the Berlin Marathon, where threshing was done in high speed at the start forward. This time it was just a tick slower and the track in Munich, is a little more sophisticated with their corners and curves. The first 15 Kilometers from the Olympic Park went through the English Garden and then out towards Cosimapark. The pulse is still quiet, quite fit the legs and energy I had also a lot of.

By Powers of Km 15 to 25

I have decided, from kilometers 15 not to let, but really durchzupowern. Too often in the past I was at half-marathon after. This time it was a little different! I was able to shift up a gear and I have also done! The half marathon I Left Behind Me, my gel inventories were still there and the pace was expected to be in the set. That was amazing, I brought the track as smoothly behind me. The times, in which I was panting me in the half-marathon goal, appear at this rate under 5:xx min / km the past to belong.

Kilometer 25 to 35 - the hardest route of the marathon begins

between kilometers 25 and 27 we move along the tracks at the Ostbahnhof. I found this section of road has never particularly nice and beautiful the run was not more. But the nice experience feeling arises again, as we move along the Isar direction Reichenbach bridge and straight towards the city center. Here in downtown joy and sorrow are adjacent. Kilometer 30 I have put behind me and 2,5 Hours have passed. If I were still fresh and had the pace as in the first 10 held kilometers, would be a time under 3:30 have been possible.

The toughest stretch in my opinion starts to when turning into Theresienstraße between kilometers 32 and 33. running here is around the block, and the strength was slow with me. Here is most evident, if the month-long training was effective and for me it was surprisingly a little downhill and I was in my usual feel-good pace.

The last 7 Km - an endless struggle with the Munich Marathon

Finally now you wonder now and then, why the marathon actually not in kilometers 30 ends, but one takes as a healthy recreational athletes this extra stress on yourself. But by then, when you have gathered again, energy reserves are replenished and whip the audience a forward, the forces are reactivated. It was really tough until the inlet into the Olympic stadium. My run time was at the end 3:53. In itself, this is a time, satisfied with the one can be, especially since I run for only two years. But I have my target time based on my previous half marathon- and 10 Kilometer distances predicted and they are below 3:35. When I think about that, I round in the second section 27 ran minutes slower or faster this target time is not unrealistic.

Looking to the future and optimize the training sessions

Finisher Medaille beim München Marathon 2018-min

I feel, I can still be significantly faster and that my previous performance on the marathon course not the end of the flagpole. I'm in this year's second as the kilometers 3:xx min / km run. Also, I'm curious, as the feel pace with increasing intensity in competitions moves upwards. The marathon was perhaps not the biggest highlight of this year. But a labor of love was the running in the city, in which I grew up, definitely.



half marathon- and marathon distances are my favorite distances, I since 2016 run with great passion. Meanwhile, I'm training for over a year actively in my performance and happy to report here about my running progress.

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